Thing you ought to think about your Business Card

With the right card, you’re prepared to arrange your butt off. Here are a few procedures that can ensure the giving off of your card doesn’t go to squander. All things considered, you would prefer not to experience the inconvenience of making—or purchasing—the ideal design in the event that they’re not going to get great use.

• Be arranged: Always have name card Singapore on you. Continuously. Notwithstanding when you’re on an excursion you may make an association with somebody. Keep a couple in your wallet and you’ll be ready.

• Be particular: You may have a thousand cards, however that doesn’t mean you have to utilize every one of them at one gathering. Hurling your card at each and every individual you meet will get them hurled in the junk and waste your cards. A decent general guideline is whether you shook their hand in the wake of making an association, hand off your card.

• Be intrigued:If you hand off a business card, attempt to get one back. More often than not they’ll attempt to respond when you give them a card, yet in the event that they don’t, inquire. Demonstrating your enthusiasm for them can build their enthusiasm for you, and it never damages to have their data for reference.

• Be proactive: When you do get their business card, take some an opportunity to find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or wherever else they may have recorded themselves. Doing this, will help you recollect the names of the general population you meet and frequently let you put a face to the name. Presently when they give you an email, you’re not attempting to choose on the off chance that it’s the person you sat alongside or the person you conversed with outside of the lavatory.
Keep these business card fundamentals practically speaking and you’ll appear to be proficient while conceivably sparing yourself a migraine not far off.


Business cards never have downtime.They’re constantly available, and never have no man’s lands or Internet blackouts. Your business card can be seen regardless of where you are found, and even times when mobile phones and different gadgets must be killed, for example, on a plane ride or in a healing facility. Your business card is continually working for you.

Inspiring examples of letterpress name card printing Singapore



The cards were designed are designed for a Singaporean online scholarly diary OF ZOOS, utilizing a basic yet powerful example of illustrative creatures, these letterpress business cards pack a punch with regards to innovation. Designed for Singaporean online artistic diary OF ZOOS, we cherish designer Charmaine Yeo’s execution.

Garage Culture
Designed by Rodrigo Cubera for a custom bike garage in Buenos Aires, these letterpress cards make a real impact thanks to Rodrigo’s use of rough and heavyweight artisanal cotton paper stock.

Le Balene


Eleonora Petrolati is an awesome stylised whale-based logo for Italian correspondence office, Le Balene, and how she’s transformed it into an unmistakable business card design, however what truly denote this undertaking out is her incorporation of an arrangement of stamps and hued inks to that individuals can include their own particular little customisations.
The Fox Yards Company


Made by Jukebox Print, these ultra thick cotton paper letterpress business cards pass on 3D embossed design to the table. Using Jukebox Print’s own specific creative strategy, the careful attention is superb, with the letterpress used to incorporate substance as well as a flighty finished establishment.
Dot Design


Printed using two colors on both sides and kick the bucket slice to shape, the precisely put design elements on every side of these letterpress business cards dodge any covering. They’re printed on 425gsm cotton and are instantly striking. Making such a distinct shape truly makes these creative letterpress business cards, one of our favorites.

What you see here is one of the slick letterpress name card printing Singapore for furniture shop Bentply in Marylebone, London that can be made into minimal twisted plywood chairs.


The ingenious card design was made by workmanship official, creator, and designer Richard C Evans and conveyed by Elegante Press in Lithuania. Just take after the instructions and the kiss-trim card can be collapsed into a small scale of the notorious 1934 plywood rocker designed by Gerald Summers.
Every one of Elegante’s products are hand made using 100% cotton (without tree) paper and oil based inks